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12 March 2013 @ 06:03 pm
Selling VK CD + DVD + Goodies + Flyers  

I'm selling visual kei flyers, goods, CDs and DVDs.

Here is the list :

Born (flyer)
BREAKERZ (flyer)
Cu[be] - Twilight Star (CD)
D=OUT (ダウト)  (flyer)
DOPES (flyer)
GALEYD (flyer)
girugamesh (flyer)
Grieva (グリーヴァ) (flyer)
Hero (flyer)
Iori (from Phantasmagoria) -Vanish- trading card
jealkb (flyer)
LMC (flyer)
Lolita23q (少女-ロリヰタ-23区) (flyer)
Loudness (flyer)
Maria Company (flyer)
Mix Speaker's Inc (flyer)
Mix Speaker's Inc - MONSTERS (CD)
Moi Dix Mois (flyer)
Nega - Pereunion -Code20110726- (DVD)
Nightmare VS Baroque  (flyer)
NIGHTMARE - Akane/Hate/Over [type B] (CD)
Oblivion Dust (flyer)
Phantasmagoria - Vanish (CD)
Phantasmagoria - Dejavu ~Sanctuary of Revival~ (CD+DVD+Photobook)
Rentrer en Soi - Mizu yume miru chouchou (CD)
Rentrer en soi - Yurikago (CD)
Rivet (flyer)
Satsuki (flyer)
Syndrome - Best collection 2000-2002 (2 CDs)
The Gazette (flyer)
The Kiddie (flyer)
Under Code Production - 2013 Calendar
Under Code Production - New year 2013 Postcard
Under Code Production - 10th Anniversary Bag
Under Code Production - Stickers
Unite (ユナイト) (flyer)
vistlip (flyer)
Wyse (flyer)

Pictures and more details on my journal.
Feel free to ask too~~

Thank you~